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Meet The Board

  1. Camille Kerr
    President Camille was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Camille’s parents, Trinidadian immigrants, habitually taught her to honour and identify with their Trinidadian culture and family history. The traditional Caribbean values of family, identity, compassion and determination resonate with Camille and have become driving forces that navigate her daily life. These values are also key areas that both Camille and her husband, Mark, as conscientious parents, consistently instill in their five young children. Becoming a mother heightened Camille’s understanding that identity, belonging, accountability and philanthropy are fundamental characteristics in a successful community. These factors became the basic principles when she founded Caribbean Women’s Society; and subsequently its subsidiaries, Caribbean-Canadian Parents United and Caribbean-Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Community. Camille is a University of Toronto graduate with a BA Hon. in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science, and thirteen years of Human Resources work experience.
  2. Danielle Davis
    Events, Initiatives & Programs Danielle Davis, represents the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Danielle admires the Caribbean sense of cultural pride; from music, dress, cuisine and everything in between. Bringing people together for a great cause has always been a passion of Danielle’s. She decided to take the Board position because she wants to help bring Caribbean-Canadian families closer together; to build connections and share parenting knowledge and experience. Danielle believes in and values the importance of the family unit. Being a mother is a huge motivation for her; she believes that as parents, we are given the privilege of raising our children to become the leaders of tomorrow. Danielle is a Registered Nurse and facilitates health and wellness workshops and currently taking steps to become an Entrepreneur. Danielle is also a blogger, encouraging her readers to regain and maintain their inner peace.
  3. Oliver Levy
    Digital Media Outreach & Engagement Oliver is a father of 3; originally from Jamaica, raised on a farm in St. Mary. He loves the creative mindset that Caribbean people possess. Oliver accepted the Board position to get actively involved in the Caribbean-Canadian community, to continue empowering Caribbean-Canadian parents, and to help repair dysfunctional relationships between parents and their children. Oliver’s life purpose is to serve, inspire, motivate and coach - one parent and one child at a time - to make a difference in our community. To teach and pass on his knowledge to others is what motivates him. Oliver has achieved diplomas in graphic design, advertising design and web design; ten years experience as senior staff in a day camp; as well as, basketball and soccer coach experience. Oliver is a Certified Wisdom Coach: a coach and mentor for kids to live life to their full potential through stories.
  4. Lisa Levy
    Secretary & Treasurer Lisa Levy represents the island of Barbados. The characteristics of the Caribbean culture that influence Lisa include food, music and art. Lisa accepted the position on the Board of Directors because she believes that it will be a great way to network with like minded people; build new friendships and gain new experience. Lisa values family, great friendships, honesty, integrity and unity/togetherness. She has a strong belief in helping others, giving back to her community and helping her children learn and understand more about their Caribbean culture. Lisa has an Honours Degree in Political Science and Law and Society from York University and a Diploma in Court and Tribunal Administration from Seneca College; and has gained over 15 years experience in Law and Administration.