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  1. Do YOU know your Human Rights?
    Complete the FREE learning modules to ensure that YOUR human rights are being protected. Click the OHRC logo below to start NOW!
  2. Have YOUR Human Rights been violated?
    If you believe that your Human Rights have been violated, YOU have the RIGHT to file a formal complaint. Click the HRTO logo below for more info!
  3. Dissatisfied with Police Officer conduct or police policies & services?
    If YOU have a complaint about the conduct of an officer or the policies and services of a police department, then YOU have the right to file a formal complaint. Click the OIPRD logo below for more info!
  4. Did YOU know that you can APPEAL your child's school EXPULSION?
    YOU have the RIGHT to APPEAL your child's school expulsion. For more info, click the CFSRB logo below.
  5. Dissatisfied with Children's Aid Society, Adoption or Foster Child Services?
    YOU have the RIGHT to file a formal complaint if you are dissatisfied with any of these services. Click the CFSRB logo below for more details.
  6. Is/will your child attend an Ontario publicly-funded school?
    YOU are responsible for advocating for YOUR child's school success. Click the Ministry logo below to learn about the publicly-funded education system.
  7. The Ontario Ombudsman is here to serve YOU!
    The Ombudsman’s Office oversees and investigates complaints against provincial government and broader public sector bodies. Click the logo below to learn out more.
  8. Advocating for Caribbean-Canadian Students!
    Click the button below to sign the petition for FAIR education; to enable Caribbean-Canadian students to reach their FULL potential and SUCCEED in publicly-funded schools.
  9. YOUR family will LOVE this!
    A FREE, FUN and HEALTHY way to connect with your kids through yoga and mindfulness! Click below.
  10. Are you considering Homeschooling?
    Click the logo below to learn about the benefits, requirements, regulations, resources for Homeschooling your child(ren) to help with your decision.
  11. Caribbean-Canadian Homeschoolers Group
    Cultural, Educational & Social group for homeschooling families in GTA & surrounding areas, ON.
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